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Best Read-Aloud Books: Age 4-7

Inspired by World Read Aloud Day (February 1), we've come up with this selection of great books to read aloud to kids who love a good story -- or who are fans of poetic language or lively  sound effects -- or both! Only you know how long your child will sit still for a story.  … Continue reading "Best Read-Aloud Books: Age 4-7"

New Books for 2018

  It's a brand new year and we have some great new books to flag for you -- a few published late in 2017, and a few hot off the presses since January 1. There's something for everyone, from age 1 to 12 - so please browse through.  Then click on the image to read … Continue reading "New Books for 2018"

New titles available – recently published!

*** We love these great new books, all published in the last month or so. Islandborn (and its Spanish version, Lola) by Junot Diaz has been generating a lot of buzz.  It's a terrific book about family stories and one's own sense of self. We are enthralled by the gorgeous illustrations in You're Safe With … Continue reading "New titles available – recently published!"

Four Books About Ireland!

Sale! A Dublin Fairytale $21.00 $20.09 AGES: 5-9 Add to cart Sale! Brilliant $16.95 $15.25 AGES: 8-12 Add to cart O’Sullivan Stew (Picture Puffins) $6.99 AGES: 5-9 Add to cart Sale! Tales from Old Ireland PB w CD $16.99 $14.67 AGES: 8-12 Add to cart

Africa! for Black History Month

These wonderful books about people, history, events, and cultures in different African countries are organized into groups - by topic and by age.  Please enjoy browsing - and just click to order! First up are some picture books (for kids 5-9) about influential African political and cultural leaders, including Nelson Mandela, Wangari Maathai, Miriam Makeba, … Continue reading "Africa! for Black History Month"

Ready for the Olympics? Read Korea!

*** Sale! A Single Shard $7.99 $6.94 AGES: 11-14 Add to cart Sale! Bee-Bim Bop! $7.99 $6.49 AGES: 3-5 Add to cart Sale! Korean Children’s Favorite Stories $18.95 $15.45 AGES: 5-9 Add to cart Sale! Milet Bilingual Visual Dictionary (English-Korean) $34.95 $27.00 AGES: 3-5 Add to cart Sale! My First Book of Korean Words: An … Continue reading "Ready for the Olympics? Read Korea!"

Best Read-Aloud Books: Age 1-3

Some of our very favorite books for reading aloud to young kids.  Focus on bouncy rhymes, sound effects - short and simple! There are many wonderful visual books for this age, where parent and child can "read the pictures" together.  But we've chosen these books in particular for the listening fun they provide.     … Continue reading "Best Read-Aloud Books: Age 1-3"

Milky Way: A Boy, the New Moon, and India

Milky Way $19.99 Add to cart Milky Way is an absolutely delightful new book for young readers from Yali publishers, written by Mamta Nainy and illustrated by Siddhartha Tripathi. Set in rural northern India, in a village nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas, Milky Way is the story of the little boy Tashi. Tashi … Continue reading "Milky Way: A Boy, the New Moon, and India"

Books for a Merry Global Christmas!

Did your family, like ours, have a great little stash of Christmas books?  Books that emerged with the tree ornaments once a year and were as evocative of the season as any aroma of fir tree or gingerbread? As you build your family's own collection of Christmas books, or think about gift books for extended … Continue reading "Books for a Merry Global Christmas!"

Maps, Atlases, and Travel Encyclopedias: Great Holiday Gifts for the Whole Family!

Kids love stories, but they also love maps and atlases - especially ones with beautiful photos and fun, fascinating facts.   Not to mention games, recipes, and puzzles! Here are some fantastic gift ideas for this holiday season - something for everyone!   First up are books of maps, starting with a wonderful Pop-Up Atlas for … Continue reading "Maps, Atlases, and Travel Encyclopedias: Great Holiday Gifts for the Whole Family!"

Happy Hanukkah!

Here's a fun selection of Hanukkah stories that are set in other countries, or feature cross-cultural celebrations. Why not mark the festivities this year with some family time for global reading?  Lots of good books to choose from!   Way Too Many Latkes: A Hanukkah in Chelm $7.99 Add to cart Sale! Queen of the … Continue reading "Happy Hanukkah!"

Holiday Gift Book Ideas!

The season of giving is upon us, and it's time to find beautiful books for all the children in our lives.   We'd like to share with you some of our favorite titles at Where In The World, hoping to inspire your gift choices! Some of these books have won awards or appeared on year-end top-ten … Continue reading "Holiday Gift Book Ideas!"

A Powerful Story For Our Time

*** “Fred Korematsu Speaks Up” Reviewed for Multiculltural Children’s Book Day 2017 *** Fred Korematsu was a young Japanese American who defied President Franklin Roosevelt’s 1941 order that sent citizens and legal immigrants of Japanese origin to internment camps. Jailed and convicted as a result, Fred offered his case to human rights attorneys who appealed … Continue reading “A Powerful Story For Our Time”

Choosing books for your child

*** Children are very individualistic and often quite picky about what books they like, and that's only become more true in our digital age, when entertainments such as video games, tablet puzzles, and on-demand TV also constantly beckon. So parents are understandably hesitant about choosing books their child will like. I see this clearly among most … Continue reading "Choosing books for your child"