A Powerful Story For Our Time

*** “Fred Korematsu Speaks Up” Reviewed for Multiculltural Children’s Book Day 2017 *** Fred Korematsu was a young Japanese American who defied President Franklin Roosevelt’s 1941 order that sent citizens and legal immigrants of Japanese origin to internment camps. Jailed and convicted as a result, Fred offered his case to human rights attorneys who appealed … Continue reading “A Powerful Story For Our Time”

What comes after the Rio Olympics?

And – last but not least – a fabulous book for age 10 and up is Amazonia: Indigenous Tales from Brazil.  This beautifully-illustrated collection of traditional folktales “combines the authentic voice of Munduruku, an Indian who grew up in the Amazon rainforest, with the imagined Amazon of Russia’s foremost children’s book illustrator. … More than just rollicking … Continue reading “What comes after the Rio Olympics?”

Choosing books for your child

*** Children are very individualistic and often quite picky about what books they like, and that's only become more true in our digital age, when entertainments such as video games, tablet puzzles, and on-demand TV also constantly beckon. So parents are understandably hesitant about choosing books their child will like. I see this clearly among most … Continue reading "Choosing books for your child"