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Holiday Gift Book Ideas!

The season of giving is upon us, and it’s time to find beautiful books for all the children in our lives.   We’d like to share with you some of our favorite titles at Where In The World, hoping to inspire your gift choices!

Some of these books have won awards or appeared on year-end top-ten lists, but many of them we recommend simply because we’ve seen how much our customers love them (both the young readers and the discerning purchasers!)

First up are some of the most adorable board books for babies:

Amy Wilson Sanger’s vibrantly colorful series will delight the whole foodie family!

Ancient Egypt is full of shapes, especially the pyramid triangles!  (Check out the rest of the Tiny Traveler series for early learning in counting and colors.)

And the best baby faces ever can be found in Star Bright Publishers’ “My Face Book” series – bilingual masterpieces in English plus 10 unusual languages.




For toddlers and pre-schoolers, here are some of our favorites:

We’re Sailing Down the Nile and Bee-bim Bop! entertain with bouncy, rhyming text that children will love to memorize and repeat.

And the detailed pictures in Hush!, a bedtime story set in rural Thailand, are a delight to “read.”




By age 5, 6 or 7, a child may be learning to read on her own, but using very simple texts with limited vocabulary and often less-than-scintillating content.

So keep building and expanding your child’s vocabulary, comprehension skills, and general knowledge (an often undervalued quality in today’s educational theory!) by reading aloud, introducing more complex stories and some interesting nonfiction.

Here are some recommendations for ages 5-8.   First up is a trio with girl protagonists, then a set with boys in the lead.

If you (or your child) thinks he is too old for picture books, try re-branding them “coffee table books for kids.”  They are certainly beautiful enough!


Finally you’ve arrived at chapter books.  Some avid young readers will be devouring them on their own, but they’re also great for read-aloud bedtime stories, “to be continued” from one evening to the next.

The Turtle of Oman is a poetic love-letter to the country a young boy must leave for a year (while his parents pursue Ph.D.s  in the U.S.), told as the narrative of his travels and adventures with his beloved grandfather to all their favorite natural sites.

And how can anyone not love a book titled “The Grand Plan to Fix Everything” – especially if it’s set in India and Takoma Park, MD?  This first volume in Uma Krishnaswami’s two-book series is guaranteed to keep everyone laughing.

Or try the Sherlock Hong series, set in 19th century Singapore – each book is a relatively bite-sized, stand-alone mystery for enterprising young sleuths to solve.