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New Books for 2018


It’s a brand new year and we have some great new books to flag for you — a few published late in 2017, and a few hot off the presses since January 1.

There’s something for everyone, from age 1 to 12 – so please browse through.  Then click on the image to read more and/or to purchase.  Thanks for your interest!



For the littlest book-lovers, here’s a delightful board book about how people say “I Love You” in all kinds of languages around the world.  (With great pronunciation cues so we parents can act like we know what we’re doing!)   Age 1 – 3

Kids will love Eric Walters’ new, gorgeously illustrated book of proverbs from countries across the African continent.  Your young philosophers will enjoy delving into the meaning of sayings such as “No one tests the depth of the water with both feet” – or the interestingly subtle “There’s always a winner, even in a monkey’s beauty contest.”  Age 3-7

Another new book for young children is “Welcome To Country: A Traditional Aborginal Ceremony.”  The authors note that “Aboriginal communities across Australia have boundaries that are defined by mountain ranges and waterways.  To cross these boundaries… each community has its own way of welcoming to Country.”   You will love the colorful, impressionistic pictures in this lyrical description of the how ancestors and nature play a role in the welcoming rituals.  Age 4-7

“The Best Tailor in Pinbauê” is a charming story from Brazil about a boy and his uncle, whose talent at making beautiful clothes risks is being eclipsed by mass-produced imports.  Edinho, the nephew, comes up with an ingenious idea to enlist the community to save his Uncle Flores’s business.     Age 5-9

Fans of “The Breadwinner,” Deborah Ellis’s award-winning trilogy of middle-grade novels set in Afgahnistan, will welcome this new graphic novel version adapted from the 2017 feature film.  It’s an exciting story pulled from contemporary headlines, in which 11 year old Parvana must disguise herself as a boy to support her family during the Taliban’s rule.   Age 8-12